The antioxidant ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and the mineral zinc are both present in Vitamin C and Zinc tablets. It's a dietary supplement that supplies vitamins and minerals that your body doesn't get from food alone. Vitamin C and zinc are essential nutrients for good nutrition and immune defense. This supplement can be used to prevent or treat deficiencies brought on by poor nutrition, various diseases, medications, or pregnancy. Some people use it to lessen the intensity of symptoms associated with the common cold or to improve their overall health.


When used in large dosages, multivitamins and minerals can have serious or life-threatening adverse effects. Ensure you take this Vitamin C with Zinc tablets only as indicated on the label or as directed by your doctor. If you have any other medical conditions or sensitivities, consult your doctor or pharmacist to see if taking multivitamins and minerals is safe for you. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, see your doctor before using this medication, because during pregnancy, your dose requirements may change.

Vitamin C & Zinc (Immunity Booster)

PriceFrom $53.00
    • Treats and prevents Vitamin C & Zinc deficiency
    • Builds immunity to fight cold and viral infections
    • Supports iron absorption
    • Acts as anti-oxidant
    • Maintains overall well-being
    • Tasty Lemony Orange Flavour
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